Compilation: a select few: Past, Present, Future

Ely James and the Backtrakkers

From Dec, 2019's Still Undeterred! LP hear Another Criminal Shade of Lilac for a Crucifix and debut Fountain of Youth's Rock-n-Roll Legend from Go! This Rocker in Criminal is one of Ely's first studio multi-tracked songs that began the ABX Xpress Engine # 9's steamroll down the EJATB track! Catch an ear's glimpse of future work in the brisk Bluesy Cruisn' for a Bluesn' thats LP by the same title is slated for a April 20, 2021 release date, thereby in reference to e-LPs beginning n annual release chedule. Get a listen of the melancholy and pleasing instrumental Oh Lord! that's place in the EJATB catalogue has yet been etermined. Alongside select others hear also the studio version of The Original Outsiders as heard on I-Heart Radio and elsewhere, Ely's first single released to the public that is amongst tracks packaged inside of the Exclusive Members Club library as a Pre-Release. Subscribe to obtain your Subscriber's Studio Lounge Check backstage pass to keep informed ahead of time of EJATB product updates!

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