Gypsy-Shoed Skinshell Curtain Blues Mini-Album version (MP3 Album available through Ely only!)

Ely James and the Backtrakkers

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NOTE; CLICK ON THE LARGE PIC at the top of the site for the 2-minute samples of each song - In this 3-songed composition featuring Ely's top Streamers from the popular album Get the EJATB Mini-Album version of the Gypsy-shoed Skinshell Curtain Blues e-LP and CD. (if samples aren't play*/here then click on same foto at the top of website). Purchase this and treat yourself to the instrumental titled Oh Lord! (Subscribers'/price = $2.59!). Again it's Ely James on bass, vocals, rhythm programmer, guitars 1, 2 and slide, studio tech and hallucinogenic drugs; and it's Mr. Steve Brewster on main acoustic drums and percussion on these 3 of a total 6 of his 10 tunes recorded for this Gypsy Mini! An Assist Award goes to Mr. Dave Bechtel for his role as a Pro-tools engineer and specialist who was instrumental with Steve outside of Ely's Lights Borealis Studio Musica Raptura in handling digital transmission and Pre-mix arrangement. Thank you both and thanks to fans and subscribers! More t' say! more t' say!

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