Still Undeterred! - reissue

Ely James and the Backtrakkers

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"More t' say! more t' say!" Again Ely comes out swinging with his robust Rock-n-Blues sound as heard in this full-length re-issue of his debut follow-up E-LP and CD: Still Undeterred! Sit back and kick back and enjoy this 8-songed 80 minute Ely James and the Backtrakkers Rockn' Blues compilation! Interested in auditioning for a slot in the EJATB Trio as the search is still on for a bassist and drummer? Then you gotta let Ely know. Also remember to drop a line and also comment on your fav titles as this is one singular thread of an album upload. Order the downloadables as single track(s) or as the album entire and even the physical CD!

Musicians Detail: On 6 of the 8 songs it's skinsmaster Denny Daley on acoustic drums and percussion and 'tis Ely on all the other stuff. STILL UNDETERRED! is:

1. Tomorrow Man 2. Albert Smith's just before Midnight (FF 11:30) 3. It was the Best Part of the Trip (19:30) 4. Peculiar Joy Erupts during Particular Times (FF 35:01) 5. Another Criminal Shade of Lilac for a Crucifix (FF 44:18) 6. Oh Sweet Clementine and Me! (FF 52:58) 7. What Esther did Say (FF 1:02:25) 8. Still Undeterred! (FF 1:11:39) /

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