ElyIntrview: Part 2

OK, Ely. Sessionola #2, let's rok. So a gun's agnst ur head & fr time & lyf's sake u'v got 3.5 secs only to name three-uno, dose, tres-fav geetar solos oo ur many sngs I /start count* in 5 seconds./"ok, Peculiar Joy Erupts, Bldy-gmmd MB Alley, & Twilights Abscond*, each fr different reasns. Ths is a diffclt th* tho, lyk ask* one to loc8 a fav tree in a /forest/bfr the brk of/day. IDK, Cnsidr*/such /I think I catr, hwevr unwitt*ly, to thoz who wld cntnd in our dsciplin tht I've/irreprably shattrd /any Blues /Purists mould stat* that I'm rlly that & only that."/xplain/'In music linguo & prtain* to geetahr-cntric xpressn u measure output by comparison oftn & via differ* & dstinct variatns, let's say. In laymns terms u hav Rock, u have Country, Classical & /Blues. To wht I do Rock &/Blues myt feed u the same meal but /I/wld say that the way ppl feel is dtrmind by wht someth* is, generclly stated." /aside from your televised instruments as exception u'v a hard edge domin8* several of ur solos, heavy fr Blues, sum'v/ said?/"I'm a prduct of my influences & who's/inspired thm. Also our times are rife w/elements of distress & the compet* agnst it, outside of myself I hear its expres/s* & tht which wld deny it."/U'v publclly cmpared Bloody-gummd MB Alley's perfrmnce to a/storm. Share a few wrds/"MB stands for Monopoly Board, by the way. If you're evn /passivly listen* u hear the lyric right there in the song. Ah, yes, the storm, u hav th palpbl dread in the calm preced*, you got the land* & intimation of it & xcitmnt prtain* to its nu/cleus, thn its clear* & memory. Whn /I did tht th* as w/crtain other wrks I flt lyk I/was ground* electricity only aftr play* /it. I sighd upn realiz* I/was steepd iso a pleasurabl form of /excitabl numb tht I undrstnd th artist knws. In a rhearsl once maybe twenty-some or thirty years ago I ended up in ER fr obsrvatn aftr grabb* onto a chain thatĀ  electcty passed thru, one onc s.upp.ort* a/punch*/bg, it was totally painls/s but a bndmembr kikd me in the chest t' get me off this th*. I thaut of this tym fr sum reasn. I havn't /bn shockd/since, even aftr accdntlly touch* metal prongs. Can't xplain tht so thx fr refrain* from ask* me to."/Can u nm a fav instrumental of urs?/"uhuh. I've a say* abt thm tho."/which/is?/"Instrumentals hap/p/n! They rarely do but they do. Erupt* on me, sorta"/Him, lyk Peculiar Joy, one of your tunes?/"ya."/& if u had to name one fav instru/ "I enjoy Four Seasons of a Winter's Harvst fr more reasons thn one. It's one of the earliest ones & reminds me of a WindhamHill album covr. Nostalgic, I think. Thanksgiv* time & snowy meadows. I don't re-record these. I just/play them & leavm' b. They'r the mood inside iso the mood instigated. That is how they are different at the compos* end of th*s"/EJ, do u know theory?/" uhuh, I know tablature, dammit! My ear myt know theory tho, and my own codex. An asterix on a piece of papr w/5 lines drawn thru it denotes the stand/alone note with considerable tremmy preced* a pause; the backslash on /papr/ denoting a climactic run, arpeggio /sweep as interval separ* /parts, on and on..."/how long have u been a musician?/"34 years or so. A full-time guitarist fr only 3 of them tho. I/played /bass fr tour* bands on the local circuit fr years. There was a/brief time when/I thought/ I/ws my brother or father & actd oo accrdanc w/who /I am. Thoz few days gone. Different forms of genius, I like to think! ha!"/in regards to ur record* sessions tell us a little sumth* that myt surprise us, hav* mentioned smth* about /Blood, sweat & tears evidence* itself/"Blood. Funny u shld mntion blood. The bassline to Belev Semeach Tabernacle frm Fountain of Youth was recrded largely w/only three f*ers on my left- and frett* hand. Immediately/before I/went to get my f*er stitchd up after a kitchen glass door slammd in on me. All knds of setbks thruout its productn st Ely's Lights Studio Musical Raptura! The devil didn't want that out ther but the damn devil lost agn! '//U married?/"ain't evr been. Trust an issu & such."/Come on. But thr'r a lot of trstwrthy girls out thr tho!/'I/ was talkn' 'bout me!"/last th* to ask. If u weren't do* music cnvocationally then what would u b do*?/(&/ just befr midnyt /silence & shrugg*/shouldrs markd this EJATB interview's end).

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