Ely's very own Lights Borealis Studio Musica Raptura

is where the original artist, guitarist  and studio

engineer behind Ely James and the Backtrakkers

music conceptualises and launches for worldwide

distribution his very own music through major purveyors of online music - companies who are in a

service capacity and to a degree the equivalent of record labels today. Today you can for yourself as independant artist or for your band submit your request to secure the contracting of his servicesfor the most staggeringly affordable rate that's out there today!


Here is how it works! you contact Ely James Music

Publishing Company (DBA and umbrella head

for Ely's own Winged Unicorn Talking Mice Records)

with an itemised list of details delineating

preliminary factual information required for sake of

estimate calculation (IE, # and lengths of songs as

well as, if applicable, list denoting any additional equipment alongside additional musicians required,

etc.) so that preparations can be made in order to

facilitate expediency and efficiency and determine tracks and hours for the recording process alongside

the booking of any hired talent required for

completion of this project constituting portion of

your portfolio. If required Ely can immediately assist

with bass, guitar, vocals, and rhythm programming

machine and a studio drummer's services can be

retained at the rate outlined below.

The studio space is yet to be outfitted for

convenience and accommodation as of this date

(July, 2019) for a large group whereas a musician or

individual or two acting as authorised management

directly involved in the project and interest can be

accommodated on premises, assuming that

everything required for your project is onhand to

facilitate the recording's launching and completing.

The studio a startup and furnished with a 16-track

digital multi-input mixer/recorder that produces

high quality stereo and studio-A grade audio

tailored for market that's befitting a lasting first

impression that matters most - the difference

between a garage-band sound or something that's

superior and desirable to hearing ears of industry

heads who demand radio-ready quality per

soundbite capita material and who could as result of

your enquiry possibly extend a hand and make the

call with an invite for you to visit or to otherwise

contact them. As you might know already many club

owners and establishments require a demo-kit

before an invite for you to perform in front of their establishment's patrons can be extended. Together

and with today's technology we will make a finely

tailored lasting top notch reliable recording

showcasing your sound and talent!

  Maybe your goal's more modest but you still

demand the best that your time, talent and

dedication deserves. If you aren't technologically

savvy or otherwise equipped to handle the task then

do task out as it isn't too early to book studio

time for your demo-CD's audio files or online single

track and/or full volume's uploading. If viewing it as

sports-compete larger scale venture know that your

industry competition isn't a sleeping or idle

competition and that Ely's work is on open exhibit

and to trust someone in the very same industry that

you are in and who utilises state-of-the-art

equipment just makes good sense! Did I mention

how ridiculously affordable Ely's Lights Borealis

Studio Musica Raptura's Recording/Press-kit

Build service is? Let's roll!

Start by introducing yourself and specify the nature

of your request via studio call or physical mail. After

the $100 service fee (whether we work REMOTELY or in studio!) is charged, based on

information received the amount of the low hourly

rate FOR IN-STUDIO TIME is charged at $40 up to the fifth hour of

recording time before the hourly rate is charged at

$50 hourly on hours six through eight. Beyond the

eighth hour the charge is fixed at $60 hourly

(example: a 10-hour project cost after payment of

the service retainer charge is $470.00 ). The

estimate determining the total amount is charged at

once with half of the amount determined due

alongside the one-time service retainer charge

before recording/mixing begins, with funds clearing.

The balance due on the day of the final edit and

mastering-remastering (a reduction applicable and

refundable if recording time is completed prior to

the estimated last hour of recording).

  *(If we correspond 100% REMOTELY through the trading online of digital files for studio-work enhancement and creation the charge is fixed in addition to the $100 at $40 hourly)*


the services of studio drummer, whether we work remotely or in-studio, one can be retained

for an additional one-time up-front $70 charge on

$10 hourly and $25 per song. For more information or if you'd like to

enquire and/or retain services and elaborate with a

description of what kind of Post-Production/Audio

Interfacing work/stitching and media platform

integration ($10 hourly) you would require, then

don't hesitate to contact EJATB Mngmnt.

(Know friends in the industry who can benefit from

Ely's services? Payout for acting on referral

incentive in the amount of $50 to $100 (or up to 10%

of their project cost if the greater amount) is

guaranteed at completion of and payment for their

project). Oh ya! and  Subsribing Superfans and

Megafans securing Ely's services, this is in addition

to what is already yours in a 10 to 20 percent

discount on total project cost!


~ Thank you from EJATB Mngmnt! ~


- "There are those who excel and plan to succeed before they 

actually do and those who fail to plan and/or to delegate who can be

seen as persons planning to fail before they actually do! I haven't

ever known a piechart without dates sketched thereupon!"

(Ely James)

Bassist and Drummer interested in gigging w/Ely?

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Stay up-to-date with the EJATB mngmnt team!

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keep in the loop w/TEAM EJATB!

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