Ely James - "There are those who fail to plan who can be viewed as persons planning to fail. A piechart drawn w/o dates sketched thereupon I haven't ever known!"

LP#1: FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, 9 songs; 1 hour & 23 mins; 6/17/2019; for sale today

LP#2: STILL UNDETERRED, 8 songs, slated release date 12/15/2019; in recording

LP#3: GYPSY-SHOED SKINSHELL CURTAIN BLUES, 10 songs; slated release date 6/17/2020; compiled... 1.Forty Minus One; 2.Dark Lookingglass; 3.Arresting Love; 4.Twilight's Absconding; 5.She's Got Mona Lisa Eyes; 6.Gypsy-shoed Skinshell Curtain Blues; 7.The Only Way Out the Only Way In; 8.Bloidy-gummed MB Alley; 9.Hurricane Soup in the Tornadic Loop; 10.Scientist don't Envy the Dreamer

LP#4: THE EL DIEGO SHOWDOWN SHUFFLE, 11 songs; slated release date 12/15/2020; compiled

LP#5: CRUISN' FOR A BLUESN'; content in full yet to be determined; slated release date 4/20/2021; yet fully arranged & compiled

- DvD BOXSET #1:  CRUISN' FOR A BLUESN'; slated for release in October, 2021

LP#6: A GUITAR CZAR'S REINTERPRETATION; slated release date 4/20/2022 (an EP as of yet)

* Circumstances depending, singles/vids irntermittently released between E-LP release dates with subsequent compilations slated for annual schedule in April. - The DVD compilation since it is largely compiled and formatted could potentially be moved up on the timeline. Also if future shows are adapted to recordings and slated for release to the public the information in reference to such will appear here *

Bassist and Drummer interested in gigging w/Ely?


STILL UNDETERRED! LP audio sampler (12/15/2019)

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Stay up-to-date with the EJATB mngmnt team!

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