I asked about ur listed favs: "ringtone? hands down, EJATB's What Esther Said!/ from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2k, modern day artists/bands? Mayb strongest enfluence as one might guess & that one wouldn't. Too vary* & eclectic, lemme see! Ther's Zep, VanHalen, Rush, RHCP, Duran squared, specialists in inspiration, there's SRV, Clapton, Creed, KingsX, there's Satch & Vai. You got theĀ  Alligatr-Rcrds Blues cats, on & on, agn too mny to name. A lot of whoz music I distributd yrs ago at the NRM warehouse."/I'll get to that. OK, so/if stranded on an island, you br* one book, one woman ("you mean from the 60s, 70, 80s, 90s, or the modern day? ha!), and who's specialty is one food. Speak /away: "the bible is that one book, the woman is, idk, only 1? Geez! One w/a very long nme then, say Sophia-Raquel-Monroe-Mansfield, I guess! Nxt difficult questn, plz? Oh, my fav food? I eat to function iso fr enjoyment, staples then, & Grubb*ly! Give me a microwave & all is well."/What sports do you like & what hv u particip8d in? "Hockey, hockey & more hockey, just kidd*, sorta; Hockey is my fav. & the Blues just won Lord Stanley's-, who woulda thunk it! there's baseball & football too, the latter two of which /I/personally/played/baseball almost up to the big/boys! Position? Award-winn* hurler, the guy in charge, sorta. In football I was the QB &, in earlier years linebacker on the othr side of the ball. oh, there's Tennis for good exhilaration & exercise as a reminder of life's 4P's. & for everything* els there's Tetris!"!/ Life's 4 Ps?/" Yes, Posture, Pursuit, Position /& placement! //Oh, i/shoulda/guessed. Agn the sports days/ "Yep. There are other Ps but the mindfulness & application, whether u lead constructn crews or a team of prosecut* attys, of these four are directly related to certain activities & thoughtful engagements, even to considerations & even executn of rudiments and meet* objectives. Can /stop /at 2 or 3 but why?" //ur /biggest/pet/peeve/is?// "U promised /not/to ask /but /I'll tell u anyway. Ppl in any sphere of life anywhere on the planet espous* by even intimation or without using the words an idea suggest* that other ppl or any one person /in/particular should espouse moral perfection in accordance to a moral-absolutist platform while same /person is found to be, admittedly or without explicitly say* /as much, a moral relativist. U promised to avoid politics & religion as relatd arguments piss /a/person /or two off tht I know, but /since u asked about my pet peeves, oh well! I'm of a different political stripe to what /I've always been before but I am a registered Independent /voter, I think I /see/what's com* in ur next question, I was a registered Republican all my life so we can probably move on to the religion question. For out of the house, as it/were, I'll say I'm probably about as religious as was the Christ!" // no, I mean in all seriousness, Ely. //"yes, I mean in all seriousnss! & I'm of the Protestant/& Messianic faith"//& for those on the inside of the house?//"I am a dyed-in-the-wool Calvinist, and hyper- at that".//huh? /"'told u to refrain from askn'. U can ask around or look it up"/are u particularly religious then? /"do u mean do I/ practice my faith? Uh, ain't /sure what that means, really. Ppl/ask* tht really are askn' do u attend church/service. Admittedly I don't. I practice guitar mor & find tht I /still/hv fewr questions for the pastor. Go* to church is cool though so /I guess I ain't too cool!" I'd like to ask about ur music, us* music's language, or the musician's-, but before I do tell us what ur favorite movie is./ "Do I have one, let's see. I really don't watch old deterrent TV or/ prohibitionists/programm*/ but that ain't what u asked. Movie, hmmm. I find that I access the movie Crossroads on TV after search for the free online version for twenty to thirty minutes or so each time."//Crossroads as in Ralph Macchio? Steve Vai?//"huh, no Crossroads as in Robert Johnson, Willie Brown, and, well, the guitar duel scene. Yes, Crossroads as in Macchio and Va!"//What do u watch at least as much or more than that?// my DVD player manufacturer name bounc* or swervie* on my screen while listen* to Ely James and the Backtrakkers music, which /I /still have yet to get burned to disk for my studio/in/Pittsburgh drummer and his car, so he gets a USB key that his car doesn't have a use for. what to do!/So u'd require a tour* drummer I take that to mean. /and bassist to replace myself on bass! If tour* it sure beats what I would have to offer myself in regards to drumm* but gotta admit, I'm gett* pretty OK on that rhythym programmer of mine! So /I/watch that and can't ever seem to get enough of SRV and Double Trouble, Live at Mocambo! that's some /intense /stuff right there.//Come on, you gotta name one more movie title!//oh, so /I'm forced to. Ok, the movie SIX! //about...? just watch it if u want. //SIX, who's /in it? //Stephen Baldwin, Eric Roberts, and others. // Before we get on to music throw a book title at us? "War and Peace."//Wow, that was fast! How's 'bout a/poem? I hear optimism & sum/ poetry connection imbibe interwoven through ur lyrics, the music in reference to conceptialization on instruments /I'd like to get to askn' u about. //"You asked for a poem then. Lemme see. A poem, try To Science, try that on for size"// huh?//"It's a sonnet by Edgar Allen Poe, it's title is TO SCIENCE./ laughter, /"but /it's for everyone, even the non-scientist" // u mean like ur Scientist don't envy the Dreamer tune?// "ya"/ Okay, Ely. Statements or mottos tht u luv & thoz u loathe, even absolutely?/"the 'there's light at the end of the tunnel' stuff and creeds of the consumm8 optomist that I luv/and that u loathe?/"only the squeaky wheel gets the grease type of drool. I'v seen the squeaky wheel get replaced more times. Say this & u giv urself slf-grantd pardn to act obnoxiously or cantankerously, I think. Reaks of audaciously assumed entitlement to me, usually at sumbdy's xpense"/
OK, musically, or lyrically, wht's ur own fav lyric? see* that u are an original artist? ... (to b continued).

Bassist and Drummer interested in gigging w/Ely?


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