CD - "Reissue" compilation
  • CD - "Reissue" compilation

CD - "Reissue" compilation

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It's the 8-songed REISSUE of Ely's debut follow-up multi/songed compilation Still Undeterred! in CD form (CD purchase doesn't include download which can be purchased by clicking elsewhere on the download link). This stellar Rock-n-Blues compilation following his debut 9-songed album/CD titled Fountain of Youth. E-LP and CD #3 in the Gypsy-shoed Skinshell Curtain Blues compilation is also available today that precedes the The El Diego Showdown Shuffle (12/15/2020) compilation, Cruisn' for a Bluesn (April 20, 2021) and A Guitar Csar's Reinterpretation (slated for April 20, 2022) compilations. Also check out Ely's singles, EPs, and look forward to the release of his 1st HITS DvD compilation also titled Cruisn' for a Bluesn in October of 2021. All Ely James and the Backtrakkers titles protected by copyright through the website.

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